Armie’s Discovery

Armie Hammer was raised on a Caribbean island due to the fact that his parents wanted the best and safest upbringing for their child. Being born into one of the wealthiest families in the world, the Caribbean also afforded the Hammers the privacy they desired. At 16 his family relocated to Beverly Hills.

Armie’s discovery happened as follows: Lani Netter, one of Scott’s closest friends growing up, rode champion horses together, modeled together in New York, and Lani had a front row seat to some of Scott’s earliest discoveries. When Lani saw Armie she knew right away he would be a great model and that his mother would approve of Scott’s conservative, value-based approach to talent management with a track record of success. The Hammers interviewed with Scott and after much consideration and consulting with their own lawyers, were confident that Scott Copeland International Talent met all of their expectations and needs.

When Scott met Armie, Armie wanted above all else to land an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign. Scott immediately started him on a healthier diet & exercise routine and worked with him on his relation to the camera. Scott suggested Armie take a stab at acting to help relate more to the camera. Scott was shocked and blown away.

Scott recalls Armie’s voice sounding like the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and his performance was practically hypnotic. Most importantly, Armie fell in love with acting. Modeling was immediately put on the back burner as Armie signed up for acting schools in Los Angeles and continued taking Scott’s direction.

Armie has come a long way since his first professional acting job and we are incredibly excited to celebrate his latest accomplishments!

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