Linda F., parent

My daughter has worked as a model since she graduated from high school in San Jose, CA in 1995 and I can honestly say that her successful entry into the modelling business was due to Scott Copeland. He put her in touch with the right people from the very beginning,  supervised her professional and contractual relationships to her  advantage and  most important of all, Scott made me as a parent feel that she was in good hands, even though she was working in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Milan.  The proof is in the pudding – I have known Scott as my daughter’s agent for 18 years and I would recommend him to any family who seriously wants to support a child’s modeling career.

Ariel H., model

Having Scott as my manager was the best thing I ever did in my life so far. I started working with him and within 3 weeks he booked me for the Abercrombie & Fitch Campaign and I got on the shopping bags, posters in the store and perfume.

Afterwards, within 3 months I went to Milan, Italy for my first show season and did the campaign for Pierre Cardin and runway shows for Salvatore Ferragamo. I have been back to Milan many times, and the highlight of my career there was doing the Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani shows.

Scott also helped me with getting a contract with an agency in Tokyo and I have been there twice for two and three months.

Modeling has been a great experience and without Scott I don’t think I could have done or would have wanted to do it. He pushed me and motivated me. Scott thanks for everything!

Heather C., parent

My daughter was discovered by Scott while she was riding in a horse show. We chose SCI because of their conservative approach to the modeling world. Scott has taught Cameron to keep healthy and in shape by eating well and exercising correctly. He also expressed that school comes first. We are being flown to NY in mid June to shoot with the amazing photographer, Bruce Weber for this years Abercrombie and Fitch Ad Campaign. Thank you Scott!


Andy E., model and actor, 1/2018

I cannot say enough good things about my time with Scott Copeland Talent. It has been 7 1/2 years since I initially signed on with Scott and I still work very closely with him on my acting career. One of the things I appreciate most is how careful he is. He does not rush into anything. If you are impatient then this might not be for you.

For instance, he told me right off the bat that I would have to train in professional acting schools for at least a year before he would even think about introducing me to anyone. During this time I got plenty of modeling work and appeared in magazines and even shot a national commercial that ended up making me over 40 thousand dollars, so it isn’t like I wasn’t working during this time. But I wasn’t auditioning for acting roles. Again, it is a lot of training. If you are someone who likes to rush into things then Scott is probably not the person for you.

However, most actors in Hollywood try to start with a lower-level agent and get some credits until they can move up to a slightly better agent and hope to eventually work their way up to a top agent. This is not how Scott works. When he finally felt I was ready to approach agents (and when my professional acting teachers agreed) he introduced me straight to one of the top management companies in Hollywood, called Untitled Entertainment. I am still in shock that I am able to work with this incredible team of people. This is the management company that represents Daniel Day-Lewis, Hilary Swank, Jeremy Renner, Ashton Kutcher, and many more. They are amazing. I would never have been able to get attached to such an A-list company without Scott’s careful guidance.

For the past few years I have been auditioning for great projects and just shot my first feature film last year for the Syfy channel. I cannot believe my good fortune for having the privilege of working with Scott. I hope to continue doing so for many years!

Kortney W., model, 1/2018

I have been signed with Scott for about a year and half now and I’ve had an amazing experience. Without Scott as my manager I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

Since being signed with Scott, I’ve signed with LA models and I am building my career and working to take it to the next level. Scott does as he says and wants you to grow and make something of yourself as much as you do. But it takes hard work and dedication on your end to live and healthy and happy lifestyle by eating healthy and working out.

Every time I have talked or met with Scott in person I have never felt uncomfortable in any way – SCI feels like more of a family. Scott and his team have been amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Ariel H., model, 12/2017

I owe my entire modeling career to Scott Copeland International. I was just a young beach bum when Scott scouted me.

Within a couple of weeks he set me up with a photographer for a paid test shoot that was amazing and worth it. Scott sent the photos to Abercrombie & Fitch and they booked me.  Since then I have modeled for brands such as Armani, Ferragamo Paul Smith , Levi’s and many others as well as started in Commercials for Lexus, Nintendo, Princess Cruises just to name a few. I am currently with Wilhelmina models in LA, Front Models in Miami and Heroes Models in New York City.

Thank you Scott and the SCI team for everything. Love you guys!

Robbie H., model, 10/2017

Scott offers the resources, the knowledge, and the connections to be able to be as successful as YOU want to be. But just like getting recruited for a sport, a coach isn’t going to send someone up to the next level without them first proving themselves dedicated. Personally, I have done great with Scott. Relocated to Hawaii, been paid thousands for day shoots, stayed in five star hotels, but this took a lot of time, dedication, exercise, healthy living, skin care, research. I don’t advise you to sign if you think Scott is going to spoon feed you success.

Scott has been in the business long enough to have an amazing eye for potential and he’ll let you know what to do in order to access all of it. If you’ve been scouted you’re only half way there. Dedicate yourself, listen to Scott’s coaching, and the rest will be history. But don’t do it unless you know you can.

Jennifer C., parent, 4/2015

We have been working with Scott for 3 months now and are so happy with his expertise and knowledge of the industry.  My son is currently in training and just got his photos for his portfolio done with Dominic, a photographer recommended by Scott.  Dominic was incredible to work with!    We have amazing photos of my son which we are excited to put in his portfolio.   We are not even done with the training and already a national grocer was interested in my son to come for a casting for a commercial.  The commercial was to be shot during school which I was hesitant about.  What I mostly appreciate about Scott is his priority to make sure the kids’ education comes first. We respectfully declined since it was during school but know we will get many offers and calls in the future. Scott takes care of his models and makes sure they get the best care from all their prospective employers. My daughter is in the mist of her training and she is already becoming more confident which is showing in all her photos.  I am happy and sure to recommend SCI to anyone who is interested in modeling or acting.  You will be in the best hands!

Nick S., model, 9/2015

Scott Copeland International has been over the top helpful. I’ve been signed with their management for less than a year, and I’ve already made my money back over and over with more promise in the future. My first job was working with Abercrombie & Fitch and I’ve got better jobs waiting for me coming up. I love working with them and look forward to a bright future!

Betty B., parent, 8/2015

Scott Copeland International has represented my son for almost a year.  After submitting pictures of my son and receiving call backs from various San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles agencies, we decided, after much consideration, to sign with Scott as his manager.  Being new to the industry, working a full time job, and my son being a full time high school student, we felt it necessary to have Scott’s reputation as a conservative agent and his expertise to help my son in his modeling career.  He has since signed with a top modeling agency in LA and NY as well as local agencies in San Diego and Orange County, thanks to Scott Copeland.   We have paid for photos from reputable photographers, which is necessary to build a portfolio, but we have also shot with other well-known photographers to add to his portfolio at no charge.  My son has been called on several casting calls, some of which we must turn down due to his school schedule, and he continues to get well-paying jobs.  Thanks to Scott’s hard work, dedication, and conservative approach, my son has received several job opportunities and a great start to his future in modeling.

Ann C., parent, 6/2015

My daughter began working with Scott Copeland less than 6 months ago and he is Fabulous!  Scott has guided us through the entire process with the utmost professionalism and knowledge of the entertainment industry.  She began working immediately and has only been placed in safe and age appropriate environments.  I would highly recommend Scott Copeland International!

Tory B., model, 5/2015

I started working with Scott about a year ago, at first I had doubts after reading bogus fake reviews on yelp and I started to be stubborn about it, but Scott kept working with me and was able to make it happen, he got me signed to an agency and now I’m starting to work, Scott has been such a wonderful manger and has done everything to get me where I am.

Thank you Scott and staff!

Rachael A., model, 5/2015

My experience with Scott Copeland and his team has been very positive.  I was signed by Scott last summer and have been very happy with his guidance ever since.  I had been approached by several scouts over the last couple of years but it was not until Scott that I felt comfortable exploring further.

Right away Scott put me in contact with the right people for launching my career.  With Scott’s help, I recently signed with San Diego Model Management and am looking forward to the other opportunities that will come my way.  I appreciate Scott and his team for their support and guidance and for making me feel like family.

Ernest A., model, 4/2015

I signed with SCI back in the summertime in 2013 and have had a great experience. I was scouted at the San Diego County Fair by one of his scouts. Two days later I met with Scott Copeland and signed my contract with SCI. I have gotten a lot of great reviews about Scott Copeland and his agency.
Thanks to Scott, he helped me build my portfolio with two great photographers in the business. Since then, he sent me to LA to go to acting school with Ivana Chubbuck. Scott has booked me a job for a runway show and a commercial. Scott also helped me get signed by San Diego Modeling Management.

Till this day, I am still in contact with Scott Copeland and I am very thankful for all the work and guidance he has given me.

Laura L., parent, 4/2015

Scott has helped my three teenagers sign with modeling agencies. We started working with Scott last June.  It does take time to get photos taken and build a portfolio.  During our time with Scott he has been very professional, pleasant to work with and he makes sure that all of the photographers and agencies my teenagers work with are conservative.  This conservative approach makes me happy!  One of my teenagers landed a job two months ago.  It was a rewarding and educational experience for her.   Scott does deliver on his promises.

Veronica B., parent, 3/2015

When I believe in a business I want people to know what’s beneficial and what is not when I’m truly dissatisfied.
My daughter has been with Scott for some time now and it has been a great experience for her and I, as a parent. Scott has been nothing but professional when it comes to the business of modeling and he is also friendly. It took us a while only because Scott is truthful and if you aren’t cut out for this industry he will let you know (not everyone can handle that).

Sarah had a few inches to lose and she was instructed to do it in a healthy way. She has her model cards, portfolio and instructions on what to look out for and what to do when going on interviews.
I thank Scott and his staff for everything they have done and I know my daughter has a bright future ahead.

Aaron M, model 3/2015

Ever since I started with SCI I’ve gotten so much accomplished. I’ve gotten so much better behind the camera and I’m just a few weeks away from being ready to get out there and sign with an agency. Scott’s a real good guy and I hope the best for both of us.

Kim P., parent, 3/2015

I have two daughters signed on with Scott and I can’t say enough about how wonderful our experience has been working with him and his staff.   This is not an easy industry to work in and I can’t imagine going it alone.    Scott guided my oldest daughter through putting together a great portfolio and she immediately got picked up by the best agency in San Diego.  I do not feel the doors would have opened so fast if we had done it on our own.   He continues to shoot my daughter for additional photos to build her portfolio.    My youngest has just finished her portfolio and we are getting her ready to be introduced to the agents.

Scott and his staff have walked us through…step by step. The pictures I would like or choose of my children are not exactly what is wanted.  Scott looks at how the model is selling the clothes, what is current in the magazines, and what the agencies are going to want.  His perspective is from what look is being booked currently. Experience and success in the industry is what SCI offers.

Siri C., parent, 3/2015

We heard about SCI from an after school program teacher named Earnest who had signed with Scott. We wanted to find a company that my 6 year old daughter would be comfortable with and grow. We read all the great reviews on yelp and were eager to meet Scott. We were very pleased when we met him and learned all about his program. We signed and started in October 2014.We loved that fact that he was very involved in keeping my daughter’s education the 1st priority. We have had several photo shoots with him and have loved the experience. He has trained her for modeling and we feel she is very prepared and confident to move forward. We are very satisfied with this whole experience because we knew our daughter would be a good model. There are so many bad companies out there and are very pleased we found a great one.  We would recommend SCI to anyone that is looking for a safe journey into the business.

Camilo C, model & former employee, 3/2015

I recently moved to San Diego from Miami where I tried to become a model, but it didn’t work out. One day I was eating at the restaurant above Scott’s agency when he spotted me. His long record of success and current successes gave me confidence and determination so I gave modeling a second chance. Once he was satisfied with my presentation (hair, health, interview skills, pictures, outfits) he sent me to meet his clients and I immediately started booking work.

I absolutely recommend this company to anybody who wants a healthy, conservative introduction to modeling and acting. I am currently very busy and I look forward to a promising future and career thanks to Scott and his work, and I don’t know how I could ever repay him for helping me regain my confidence in the industry and myself!

Dominique C., model 2/2015

At the beginning of January I answered an ad for a job in the office at Scott Copeland Talent. On the interview I was told that I also had potential to make money modeling, which made me very happy. I could not afford to hire photographers to create a presentation necessary to get work, so SCI has helped me by letting me work in the office to pay off my presentation materials. I am ready to start modeling next month, and am very excited because I have seen many people get great jobs in the short time I’ve been here. Doug from new faces booked Abercrombie & Fitch twice this month, and he is fairly new! I recommend this company to anybody who is serious about modeling or acting. Thank you SCI!!

Jason L., model 11/2014

I can’t say enough good stuff about Scott Copeland! In 2004 I was surfing in San Diego when I met Scott for the first time. He told me that he could possibly land me the Abercrombie and Fitch campaign and of course I was skeptical. I had never modeled before and agreed to give it a shot. I met Scott at his office to do a test shoot and 10 days later, just as he had promised, I was in Rome Italy doing the Abercrombie campaign. He is a first class professional, honest, laid back, and extremely well-connected. After booking Abercrombie he sent me to Milan where he booked jobs for me including the Armani runways shows, Versace, Trussardi, and others. Scott is the real deal and I will always be indebted to him for all that he did for me. I’d be happy to talk to any prospective clients about him anytime!

Briana D., model, 11/2014

SCI is a great agency to work with. I have been with him for less than a year and he got me right into building my portfolio with amazing, kind photographers. I was nervous that once I went to a photo shoot outside Scott, which it would be harsh and what the business seems to be like from my interpretation from movies and such. However, being with SCI has shown me that there is a way to keep modeling positive and fun and the people I have worked with through him have all been amazing and positive figures in my life.

I would recommend Scott to anyone looking for an agency. He really seems to care about getting you work and helping you become successful. I have not regretted signing and he helped me sign with San Diego Model Management to further my work.

Great people working here and a great conservative agency!

Lindsay S., guardian, 10/2014

My niece is working with Scott Copeland International and being that her parents are living overseas, I have taken on the role of making sure that she is taken care of properly.  Scott Copeland called her parents and talked about the entire career path that could become available for my niece and so far she is doing extremely well working with them.  The company is solid, conservative and makes sure that each and every model is protected from any unusual scams that are out there.  I saw my niece’s portfolio grow, her go sees are constant and she is making great money being a model with them!  I highly recommend the agency and feel that any new model that wants to be represented well should take a look at Scott Copeland International.

Paul V., parent 10/2014

Scott Copeland “found” my son, Jordan while at the Del Mar Fair last year. Jordan was 17 and was asked to have one of his parents call the office for an interview which cost us nothing. Jordan’s career in modeling and castings for acting has skyrocketed thanks to Scott. Prior to Jordan turning 18 mom or I were at every casting and/or photo session. Scott and his assistant are of the upmost ethical standards and screen Jordan’s castings. Scott, my wife, and I have had many meetings regarding Jordan’s path to success and has landed Jordan several jobs and multiple castings in NYC as well as the 2014 NYC Fashion Show.  As a physician of 30 years I can say that Scott and SCI poses the highest of standards and integrity. We are very thankful to be a part of SCI and to work with a gentleman who possesses such high values in his career.

Abbie T., model, 10/2014

I was scouted two years ago in Nordstrom’s at UTC mall and signed with SCI January of this year. Scott has not only been a mentor, but has given me guidance and made me feel very comfortable about modeling with their conservative approach. He has introduced me to wonderful photographers to not only build my portfolio but give me the experience to become the best model I can be.  I have signed with San Diego Model Management and can’t wait to see where my future in modeling takes me. I couldn’t of done it with out Scott and highly recommend this agency!

Madison S, actor, 10/2014

Scott Copeland International is a very well run agency with a friendly environment. As a student who is also pursuing acting, Scott and I work around my school schedule. However, chasing a dream is not easy. So being with this agency takes commitment, hard work, and adopting a healthy lifestyle; be prepared to keep your eyes on the prize. I’m proud to be a part of such an ambitious agency who is willing to work as hard as I will.

Becky H., 10/2014

Life changing, and we have only just begun!

My daughter was scouted at Nordstrom and signed with SCI management when she was 14 years old. At the time of her signing she had braces, but that did not stop Scott in preparing her for runway and someday print. She was set up with an amazing runway coach who has been influential in her landing many runway jobs in San Diego and L.A. Scott has a smart, conservative approach when it comes to this business that I really trust and respect as a parent. He has many connections and resources at his ready, but you have to do your part! He will be extremely honest with you if he thinks you have to work on certain areas. In our case the braces had to come off before he could really introduce her to different agencies. Although, during that time my daughter still had runway work and interviewed with Ford LA and Ford NYC. Scott was very patient and kept a sense of humor even when her braces were delayed about a year. Now that her braces are off we are hitting the ground running with new photos, new agencies, and Scott is very enthusiastic about her future for New York and Europe! As long as my daughter keeps working hard towards her goals, Scott will be helping her achieve them.

Brooke T., model, 9/2014

I was scouted at the Escondido Mall by the owner Scott Copeland & to this day I still model for the agency. They are very conservative about the work I do & since I am so young they manage to maintain the maturity used in whatever work I do. I plan to continue to work with this agency until not possible and I would recommend anyone wanting to be in the entertainment business to start here!

Darla R., 9/2014

My son and I met with Scott in May of 2014. The first thing that sold us on Scott was how conservative he was in how he represents his clients. I really like how brutally honest he was about how the business of modeling is. We also liked how he told my son your education is priority one. Scott did not promise anything but he did let us know hard work and patience will pay off. Scott is not going to tell you what you want to hear he will tell you what you need to hear to become the best you can be. We are so very excited to see were Scott and his team of amazing people take our son.

I highly recommend SCI to anyone who is serious about this business you won’t be disappointed.

Breanne S., model, 9/2014

I’ve been with SCI for almost 2 years now and I have no complaints. Being a sophomore in high school at the time I was very concerned about any conflicts with my schedule. However, Scott has made it very clear over the years that school is always a priority which I greatly appreciate.  Not only has Scott set me up with photographers and agencies, but he has also mentored me to be the model in am today. SCI also emphasizes his conservative approach to modeling, and he has always ensured that I don’t enter any situation that is inappropriate for my age. Scott has been a great help to my modeling career and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. If anyone is looking for a conservative model management company, I highly recommend SCI.

Jordan V., model & actor, 9/2014

Signing with Scott Copeland International was one of the best decisions in my life. Not only do I see them as my agency who helps guide me towards success, I also see Scott and his staff as friends. I started my modeling career back in July of 2013 when I was approached my Scott Copeland and Martha Grimes. After being asked if I was interested, I called and set up an appointment for that week! The day I had the meeting, was the day I signed with SCI. With signing, there was a small payment that was for training before the test photoshoots I would later be doing. That is the only one payment I have ever made to the agency! There were no agency fees, website fees, or payments of any kind other than that! I was very impressed with this considering many agencies will try to get as much money out of you as possible.

Since signing with SCI I have learned so much. I have built a healthier lifestyle and have been opened to a world of adventures. From mansions in la, being flown to San Francisco, Miami, and many other places for modeling is something I thought I thought I could only dream of. 3 months ago I was signed with an agency in New York and had the opportunity to work for Macy’s at $2000 a day!!! I also received the opportunity to walk in New York Fashion Week! It has been one of the best experiences of my life. The benefits of signing with SCI was their very conservative approach to modeling, and the ability to have them as mentors, friends, and have provided me with guidance. I would be nowhere close to where I am without the Scott Copeland and his staff. I am very grateful for all my opportunities I have received since signing with SCI and can’t wait to see what the future offers!

Mike S, model & actor, 9/2014

Working with Scott has been a great experience…  From helping me understand the business to preparing me to market myself to providing practice opportunities for acting and modeling, he’s been professional and understanding throughout the entire process.  I am relatively new to this work and one of Scott’s older clients but he has done a great job introducing me to the right people and getting my name and face out there…  I received a job offer days after I got my portfolio pictures taken, which would have paid $200 per hour had my work schedule permitted me to take it.

Decisions are made as a team and Scott has been upfront, realistic and fair in both what’s expected of me and what I can hope to expect for success in the business; but also determined in maximizing my potential.

Ryan I., model, 2/2014

Working with SCI has been a great experience for me. I have been scouted by different talent agencies over the years. Scott was the first one to offer me solid and realistic advice from his experiences in the industry. From the beginning he gave me specific steps on how to proceed and after following them they really paid off. I was able to book work right away and have since been signed to two talent agencies. If you are driven and serious about working as a model, Scott Copeland will help guide you along the way to be successful.

Anthony V., model, 1/2014

I haven’t been with Scott for too long, but everything has been amazing. He really knows what he’s doing. I went in not knowing too much about the industry and he has really helped me out both mentally and physically. Since being with him I have been living healthier, looking better, and doing great. I mean right now Abercrombie & Fitch are interested in me! It’s been amazing. I love the comfortable, conservative, productive vibe I get when I’m there. No regrets at all, no looking back, and very excited to see where and what Scott Copeland International has for me in the future.

Rodney S., model, 12/2013

Scott made my career boom back in the ’80s. He help guide me all the way. You can check out my pictures on my Facebook my name is Rodney Shepherd. Then push photos…all the credit goes to Scott. Thank you Scott for making me a lot of money. He also helped my friend’s son career take off. Scott really knows the business.

Mannie R, former employee, 12/2013

I recently started working in the office for Scott Copeland Talent and am very proud to work with them. SCI has a very high standard and is efficient in producing working models and actors. Scott, who used to model himself, has acquired essential knowledge about the industry and established long-running relationships with top agencies in US and Europe. Because of this, he is able to present incredible opportunities to his clients and is with them every step of the way. I’m really proud to be working with SCI and hope to continue working here for a long time. I would encourage anyone who wants a safe and successful experience in Acting & Modeling to check out this unique conservative company!

Barry K., model, 12/2013

It was a chance meeting I had with Scott in New York, which upended my life. The life that unfolded for me there would not have been but for this haphazard encounter. Strangely, I’d been there already for a year and a half, having come from Arizona for a modeling convention held at the Waldorf-Astoria. I did not win, but I opted to stay in NY even though at conventions end I had just $60 left in my pocket.

I remember seeing a girl on the street, carrying a portfolio and somehow I learned she was on her way to a photographer’s studio, and she invited me to come along. At the studio, I happened to meet Scott Copeland in the doorway. He must have seen something in me that the photographer didn’t. But Scott was still in the early days of his management career, having already had his first major success not so many months prior, with another male model.

Scott patiently worked with me, talking to me about the business and instructing me on how to walk into a meeting; what to wear, what to say, and how to carry myself. He really seemed to care about helping me to make a successful transition and had real confidence in my potential.

I was working a menial job when one day I called Scott and he told me I’d gotten a job for GQ with a major photographer. I went from the magazine shoot in California to Mexico City to work for Calvin Klein, and soon, with a GQ cover, a worldwide campaign and a billboard in Times Square – I had quite accidentally become a top model!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that story. Speaking with him now and again, and seeing him not so long ago, it is apparent to me that he still has an uncanny ability to spot talent. If anything, he’s probably better just for his years on the planet! And wiser still, for all his experience.

Heather C., parent, 12/2013

My daughter was discovered by Scott while she was riding in a horse show. We chose SCI because of their conservative approach to the modeling world. Scott has taught Cameron to keep healthy and in shape by eating well and exercising correctly. He also expressed that school comes first. We are being flown to NY in mid June to shoot with the amazing photographer, Bruce Weber for this years Abercrombie and Fitch Ad Campaign. Thank you Scott!

Kimo L, photographer, 12/2013

I’ve been working with the world renowned scott copeland and his models for 10 plus years and they have all been very professional and considerate.  Top notch manager and it shows by his very selective talent he cultivates and works with!  Hope to continue to work with him and his talent for another 10 years!

Craig S., model, 11/2013

I have been working with Scott since 2005. Scott has been nothing but honest and upfront the entire time I have worked for him. Scott’s experience in the industry shows through the methods he uses to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle. He recommended me a book that changed my life entirely. The knowledge I have gained from Scott has made it almost effortless to achieve the body and mental state necessary to succeed in this industry. Whether you are just starting in the business or have been around for a while Scott has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you succeed.

Reed N., parent, 11/2013

My daughter was a model a number of years ago, and worked through Scott Copeland.

I would heartily recommend Scott if you or your child is sincerely interested in the modeling business.  Be prepared to listen and to work hard, because Scott works with his models individually and doesn’t have time for flakes.  My daughter was successful from the very start.  Today, she is in the Doctoral Program in Psychology at Rutgers University.  The poise and confidence she gained have been valuable assets in her success.  Her experience with Scott was absolutely positive.

Jeannine M., parent, 11/2013

Both of my daughters worked with Scott for a few years.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us.  Scott is honest and forthright, giving advice that worked to move both girls forward quickly in their modeling endeavors. Meeting with him was always a pleasure and watching the girls transform was exciting.

Anne V., parent, 9/2013

Scott and Martha discovered our son Jordan at the Del Mar Fair. We signed with SCI because of Scott’s honesty, high ethical behavior, and conservative nature, allowing our son to work around his school and sporting activities. Scott encouraged our son to adopt life style modifications in maintaining and continuing a healthy diet and daily exercise. We cannot thank Scott and the SCI staff enough for the opportunity they have given Jordan. It has been a very positive experience.

Melinda H., model & actor, 7/2013

Scott has helped so many people find a career in modeling and acting.  He is talented beyond words. He has the ability to transform someone from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. He has an eye for spotting raw talent and knows better than anyone how to cultivate it. He knows all the right people – in all the right places.  If you get scouted by Scott Copeland, count your lucky stars and follow his advice.  Scott is an artist himself, with a bit of an artist temperament.  I guess it takes one to know one.

Ariel H., model, 6/2013

Having Scott as my manager was the best thing I ever did in my life so far. I started working with him and within 3 weeks he booked me for the Abercrombie & Fitch Campaign and I got on the shopping bags, posters in the store and perfume.

Afterwards, within 3 months I went to Milan, Italy for my first show season and did the campaign for Pierre Cardin and runway shows for Salvatore Ferragamo. I have been back to Milan many times, and the highlight of my career there was doing the Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani shows.

Scott also helped me with getting a contract with an agency in Tokyo and I have been there twice for two and three months.

Modeling has been a great experience and without Scott I don’t think I could have done or would have wanted to do it. He pushed me and motivated me. Scott thanks for everything!

Melody K., parent, 6/2013

My son was referred to Scott close to 5 years ago when he was 15.  Not only did Scott take him under his wings as “his project” but my son’s life was forever changed and impacted in ways that even Scott was not aware of.  Yes, Scott has had some huge successes with Abercrombie and he doesn’t hesitate to give you a full portfolio of his impressive clientele but…..he never once promised us anything.  He embraced my son’s looks and potential and immediately jumped right in insisting that Brandon check in with him daily until Scott was comfortable with Brandon’s level of commitment and regiment.  Within the year Brandon referred another friend of his to Scott, with no experience whatsoever and today she has worked with Ford Agency, is international and very happy.  Scott is conservative, laid back, authentic, HONEST about what he thinks (which isn’t always the easiest to digest), and very passionate about his and your career.   He taught my son that this industry takes 200% commitment and is not for the faint at heart and from our experience, if this is your dream, and Scott is on board, He’s the man that’ll help you make it happen!!!!

Lisa S., parent, 6/2013

Scott Copeland international has been nothing but professional and straight forward with me. In his ads he states conservative and that is exactly what he has delivered a conservative approach. Never false promises and no false hopes of any work or large amounts of money. He trains his clients for potential modeling jobs and teaches professionalism and grace and very high standards are expected if work comes their way. Scott also expects those high standards from anyone in the business he might send his clients too for photographs or jobs. When first meeting Scott he emphasized that school and grades comes first. That to me is very important my daughter is a 4.0 student with president honors. That impressed me about Scott’s company. I would highly recommend Scott Copeland international to anyone in fact I have and will continue to do so. Scott Copeland international is a conservative, professional company that I see working with for a long time to come. Being a former model myself I wish I would have had Scott as my agent and company. I have nothing but praise for Scott, his employees, and his company.

Linda F., parent, 6/10/13

My daughter has worked as a model since she graduated from high school in San Jose, CA in 1995 and I can honestly say that her successful entry into the modelling business was due to Scott Copeland. He put her in touch with the right people from the very beginning,  supervised her professional and contractual relationships to her  advantage and  most important of all, Scott made me as a parent feel that she was in good hands, even though she was working in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Milan.  The proof is in the pudding – I have known Scott as my daughter’s agent for 18 years and I would recommend him to any family who seriously wants to support a child’s modeling career.

Kathi S., parent, 4/2013

My daughter signed with Scott Copeland International four months ago and has already made significant progress towards her modeling career. Signing with Scott as my daughter’s Manager was an easy decision after speaking to a few other parents whose teenagers were also working with Scott. We have found Scott to be knowledgeable and professional with an honest and conservative approach to the business. Not only has he been educating us on the industry, he put us in contact with outstanding and professional photographers and a runway coach. My daughter has recently signed with a modeling agency and will be doing her first runway show in a few weeks. Although we have been working with Scott for only a short period of time, our experience has been very positive and I would highly recommend SCI.

Lexie R., model, 4/2013

I’ve been with Scott Copeland since the start of my modeling career and I owe it all to him! It’s been such a pleasure working with Scott and having him there to help us 100% of the way.

Shannon A., model, 4/2013

Scott Copeland Talent, is a great place to start out your modeling career. I am a conservative runway model for SCI, and they have helped me meet some important people in the modeling industry who continuously get me into auditions all over San Diego area. It has been a little over 1 year now and I am proud to be part of SCI. Modeling has always been a dream of mine and they have really helped me bring my dream to life! Can’t complain about the pay either!!

Makaela B., model, 3/2013

About two and half years ago I was scouted by Scott Copeland at the Del Mar Fair in the beginning of the summer. Couple weeks later I went into his office and after taking polaroids and having a face to face meeting at his office in La Jolla, he signed me there on the spot with a legal contract completely free of charge. Includes retainer fee, contract payment, multiple shoots set up with top LA Photographers and everything else to this date. I’m currently signed with San Diego Model Management, Brand Talent of Orange County and was signed with LA Models last year. Currently I’m going to meet with Vision of LA and am in connection with Ford and IMG of NY. His precise dedication to my career and success has been so helpful since day one when I was thirteen and has catapulted my passion to where I am today. He has great contacts and an excellent name in the business to give the best and most professional work you could receive. He works with all ages of talent and if you’re serious about a career in the business of modeling, acting or such talents, SCI is a great base and management business.

Kim N., model, 3/2013

I was scouted by Scott’s agency as a high school student about ten years ago. I worked with him for about 3 years. He set me up with a reputable talent agency in Los Angeles (Elite). I worked in print, runway, and film. I was booked for national magazines, commercials, and motion pictures. Scott has excellent contacts and a very good reputation among professionals in the business. He was extremely supportive throughout the whole process, which can be overwhelming for a young person.

Some of the negative reviews mention that he takes money up front. This is because he is making an investment in you, putting together a card and portfolio, which are required to participate in casting calls. It is then up to you as the talent to get yourself to appointments and put in the work to get jobs. The money will return to you once you start working.

I had a fantastic experience with Scott. The experiences in the industry provided me with poise and interviewing skills. The money I earned allowed me to further my education. If you are seriously considering working as a model or actor, SCI is a great place to start.

Terry H., parent, 10/2012

My daughter signed with SCI after being scouted by David Peck at Restoration Hardware Fashion Valley.   We were initially hesitant to call because we had heard of the dangers surrounding the industry but their conservative approach and direction was very appealing. Knowing very little of this business it quickly became evident how difficult it would be to navigate this industry without SCI.

After training and preparation, SCI arranged a summer trip to Italy for my daughter. She did some excellent work and had a great experience.  Since returning, she’s been working locally and we are looking forward to many more jobs.  Overall we are thankful for a company like SCI as they have been an integral part in her success and their process doesn’t interfere with my daughter’s education and personal growth.

Casey S., model, 6/2012

Good company! Taught me a lot, helped me get in shape and got me working in San Diego and Orange County.  Their photographers are amazing and it seems like they have some a lot connections in modeling even though they are a small company.

Joanne A., parent, 5/2012

My daughter has been with SCI for almost 3 years now.  She started at a pretty young age and did a few small jobs in San Diego but once she turned 15 more opportunities seemed to open up outside of SD and things have been pretty exciting since.  From a mother’s point of view, I could not be happier with the experience.  Scott’s approach is very healthy and he seems to be very protective of his clients.

I’m really thankful for everything SCI has done so far and think the training process really helped my daughter grow up and become more confident with herself.

Maddy D., model, 2/2012

Been with SCI for 7 months now.  I signed towards the end of summer and was put together in about 2 months.  Then Scott placed with a strong booking agency in San Diego and Orange County, both of which have gotten me work using the material that SCI put together.  Scott also introduced me to some pretty big agencies in LA but unfortunately my skin was little broken out so we’ve been working to clear it up.  So far it’s been a very fun experience! Jobs or castings come up a couple times a month, usually during the week so I have to miss school but it hasn’t really been a problem.  I’m pretty excited to have SCI place me in Los Angeles because that’s obviously a much larger market but overall I’m really happy that SCI scouted me!